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Final Fantasy XIV Gil Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Gil Guide
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You see no end to the senseless grinding and farming in Final Fantasy 14, and still consider yourself to be poor? Your dreams of wealth and outstanding equipment are all but fading away? It does't have to be this way. Get the Final Fantasy XIV Gil Guide and you will learn how to make heaps of Gil, the currency in Final Fantasy XIV, in no time.


The Final Fantasy 14 Gil Guide offers you proven strategies how to effectively make a fortune in Gil. Discover how to craft and sell the most rewarding items, where and how to mine the most valuable resources or how to earn the most Gil in Raids.


A complete explanation on how to act efficiently as a disciple of hand in Final Fantasy 14, detailed descriptions of the various jobs including the opportunities for rewards, and many other tactics how to earn a lot of Gil, are only a few other benefits of the Final Fantasy XIV Gil Guide.


Your purchase of the Final Fantasy 14 Gil Guide also grants you free access to all future updates of the Guide. You will be informed immediately about the release of a new version by email.


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