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World of Warcraft Cataclysm 1-85 Ingame Guide Horde & Allianz

World of Warcraft Cataclysm 1-85 Ingame Guide Horde & Allianz
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1-85 Ingame Quest Guide Horde / Alliance
After successful receipt of payment you will get a ZIP file containing the installation data within 5-30 minutes directly via email.
The ultimate World of Warcraft Ingame Guide!
Text documents are so outdated!
This guide is directly integrated to the WoW interface and grants you the maximum leveling advantage.
 It describes all the quests you need to get from 1-85 for the Alliance and the Horde.
- Pro gamer skills directly after the installation
- Shows secrets and hidden quests
- Completely different gaming experience by simplest instructions
- 1-85 in a few days is possible
- Your friends are ahead of you? No problem. You will catch up and even beat them in no time!
- Total new way of exploring the game. You will have so much fun while playing
- No grinding needed!
- Not limited to one quest at a time. Multiple quests are done simultaneously
- Real bargain. It will save you much time
- No group or raid needed. You can play 1-85 completely by yourself, if you want to
- No more aimless running around. Always be sure what you have to do
- Integrated GPS pathfinding in the interface
- No more waste of time
- Playing will be much more fun than before!
- No hacks, cheats or expoits

- The guide has an own window ingame with changeable size and transparency
- Easy switching between the quests
- Docking to the minimap is possible
- Profiles are saved, even when you switch characters
Try it now! It's worth it.

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