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World of Warcraft - Guide 70-80 Horde WotLK

World of Warcraft - Guide 70-80 Horde WotLK
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70-80 WotLK Horde Leveling Guide


This 48-page Powerleveling Guide explains how to get to the highest level in the fastest and most efficient way.

You won't waste any time looking for the next quest any more. If you follow our guide, you will reach the limit within a few days.

The guide comes as an 8 MB PDF document which will be sent to you by eMail within 24 hours after receipt of payment.



- Get from 70 to 80 REAL FAST. We are proud to present you the 70-80 Northrend Leveling Guide! This guide is brand new. The writers were working real hard for the past couple months figuring out the optimal leveling paths through Northrend.


- This is the guide everyone has been waiting for, lots of thought went into the making of this step-by-step guide.


- We give tips and tricks on how to do most of the quests in Northrend, all done in step-by-step fashion.


- This guide is nicely organized into leveling areas with complete pictures on the exact paths to take. These pictures are very helpful, we have spent a lot of time mapping out everything: the quest paths to take, the locations of the quest mobs, where the quest givers are at, and much more. You can just use the illustrations to find everything in the game world.


- We listed exactly when to accept quests, when to handle them and when to turn them in, all this in an order which is done in the most efficient manner.


- We go into great detail. We listed everything that we do, including when we make an area a new home, or when we accept or turn in a quest. EVERYTHING is documented.


- Whether you want to follow this guide step by step or just pick up which quests to get or which quests to avoid, where to do them, when to turn them in etc. and no matter what level you currently are in Northrend, this guide can dramatically help you level a LOT faster.


- Whether you like soloing or grouping, this guide covers it all.


- This guide is 100% legit, there are NO hacks/exploits at all in this guide.



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