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Aion Spiritmaster Guide

Aion Spiritmaster Guide
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Aion Spiritmaster Guide

How do other spiritmasters manage to deal such an immense amount of damage to these thick-skinned gladiators and templars? Why is dying and losing experience the rule rather than the exception for you? You constantly feel like a weakling? Running out of Kinah all the time? Don't worry, our Aion Spiritmaster Guide can help you turn the tide in your favor. Let your weak apprentice become an ultimate mage!

In the Aion Spiritmaster Guide you will find:
   * Sashay through levels and quests
   * Make use of our detailed stigma skills table
   * Don't just control your summonings but also your PvPvE battles
   * Adjust your spiritmaster equipment to improve your playing experience
   * Support playing your spiritmaster with macros recommended by experts

Experience boost: With the Aion Spiritmaster Guide you will get startet at zero like any other spiritmaster – but you will reach your goal long before them. Seven days till level cap are no longer just a dream!

Stigma skills: If you depend heavily on magical abilities, nothing will help you more than the detailed list of the spiritmaster's skills you will find in the Aion Spiritmaster Guide. No matter which style you want to play, we have what you need. Here you can find every trick in the book. It's time to show the world what your spiritmaster has in store!

PvPvE champion: Smart tactics and expert strategies make PvPvE for spiritmasters a walk in the park. The Aion Spiritmaster Guide can show you how to overcome the weaknesses of your class and make better use of its strengths. You'll end up wondering what should be so special about assassins.

Macros: If you get into the heat of battle, there is no room for mistakes. But sometimes, they happen – what do you do? As a result of lengthy and complicated tests we have put together a list of macros that will make the spiritmaster much more pleasant and efficient to play. Why waste valuable playtime if you can just use the macrous from the Aion Spiritmaster Guide?

The guide offers you everything to make playing Aion even better than before. The guide can be downloaded right after the purchase. Improve your playing tremendously on the spot!

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