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Epic Level1-CP150 Frost Staff
Temps d'expédition: 1-24 heures
€ 2,04 acheter Epic Level1-CP150 Frost Staff
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Level1 - CP150 Items





Night's Silence
(2items)Adds Max Stamina
(3items)Adds Stamina Recovery
(4items)Adds Weapon Critical
(5items)Ignore movement speed penalty while sneaking

Ashen Grip
(2items) Adds Max Health
(3items) Adds Weapon Damage
(4items) Adds Weapon Critical
(5items) 10% chance to breath fire for X Flame Damage on melee hits
This effect can occur once every 4 seconds

Night Mother's Gaze
(2items)Adds Weapon Critical
(3items)Adds Weapon Damage
(4items)Adds Weapon Critical
(5items)Critical attacks also reduce the target's Physical Resistance by x for 6 seconds

Hunding's Rage
(2items)Adds Weapon Critical
(3items)Adds Max Stamina
(4items)Adds Weapon Critical
(5items)Increase Weapon Damage by X


(2items)Adds Max Magicka
(3items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(4items)Adds Spell Damage
(5items)8% Chance to negate the cost of a spell


Armor of the Seducer
(2 items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(3 items)Adds Max Magicka
(4 items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(5 items)Reduce the Magicka cost of abilities by 8%


Torug's Pact
(2 items)Adds Spell Damage
(3 items)Adds Max Health
(4 items)Adds Spell Resistance
(5 items)Reduce weapon enchantment's internal cooldown by 1 second. Increases enchantment potency by 30%

Willow's Path
(2 items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(3 items)Adds Stamina Recovery
(4 items)Adds Health Recovery
(5 items)Increase all recovery in combat by 15%


Twilight's Embrace
(2 items) Adds Max Health
(3 items) Adds Spell Critical
(4 items) Adds Spell Damage
(5 items) When you are healed, gain 10% additional healing

Way of the Arena
(2 items)Adds Max Health
(3 items)Adds Max Magicka
(4 items)Adds Max Stamina
(5 items)Reduce cost of Break Free by 40%


Eyes of Mara
(2 items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(3 items)Adds Magicka Max
(4 items)Adds Spell Damage
(5 items)Reduce the Magicka cost of restoration staff abilities by 12%


Law of Julianos
(2 items)Adds Spell Critical
(3 items)Adds Max Magicka
(4 items)Adds Spell Critical
(5 items)Increase Spell Damage by x


Kagrenac's Hope
(2 items)Adds Max Magicka
(3 items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(4 items)Adds Max Health
(5 items)Adds Spell Damage
(5 items)Decrease time to resurrect an ally by 25% and restore x Magicka when you successfully resurrect an ally


Kvatch Gladiator
(2 items)Adds Weapon Critical
(3 items)Adds Weapon Critical
(4 items)Adds Weapon Damage
(5 items)Your Light and Heavy Attacks deal an additional x Weapon Damage to targets below 25% Health


Tava's Favor
(2 Items)Adds Maximum Health
(3 Items)Adds tamina Recovery
(4 Items)Adds Magicka Recovery
(5 Items)When you dodge an attack you receive the blessing of Tava and gain 9 Ultimate over 3 seconds


Shalidor's Curse
(2 items)Adds Max Health
(3 items)Adds 4% Healing Taken
(4 items)Adds Max Health
(5 items)While you are below 50% Health, light attacks restore x Health.

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