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Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide

Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide
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Killer Guides Final Fantasy XI Dark Knight Guide

So, you want to become the most fearsome and sinister Dark Knight in all of Vana'diel? Then you have come to the right place! With this comprehensive FFXI guide you will not only learn the necessary information required to get the most out of this job from day one but also in depth party options as well as a whole lot more that will see you through to the end.


Highlights of the guide:
- Insider know-how and strategies to become the perfect Dark Knight!
- Race information and how this choice effects the job
- Partying strategies for level 1 to level 75
- An complete equipment and food guide
- A full walkthrough for obtaining AF and AF2
- Advise and information on every possible sub-job combination
- A fully detailed trait/ability/spell listing
- Defeating Maat; raising your level cap to 75!
- Ballista information: be the best in PVP
- Merit Point advise for level 75 players
- Read insider strategies and tips from the expert player
- Class-specific Gil making strategies to always have extra in-store


To be the best possible player right from day one at your chosen job you need to have a sound strategy and lots and lots of information about how the game works. This guide not only provides that from a first hand source but also money making methods tailored to you, a full food guide, leveling tips for both solo and party where applicable, equipment tips, step-by-step AF and AF2 strategies, how to defeat Maat, taking part in PVP, and a whole lot more. Make the most out of your job; get this guide now!

All future updates of this guide are included in the initial purchase price you pay. When an update is published, you will receive a notification via e-mail. Just log into your account and download the updated guide completely for free!

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