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Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide

Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide
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Final Fantasy XI Red Mage Guide

They say that within the worlds of FFXI, the Red Mage is a jack of all trades and a master of none, but we can prove that wrong! With this comprehensive Red Mage guide which details every facet of the job, you will not only learn the necessary information required to get the most out of this job but find out how to effectively solo as well as become the most valuable player in a group.


Highlights of the guide:
- The best Red Mage strategies money can buy for a highly efficient Red Mag!
- Detailed race information with explanation on how this choice effects the job
- Strategies to solo effectively and perform well in parties
- An equipment and food guide
- A full walkthrough for obtaining AF and AF2
- Advise and information on every possible sub-job combination
- A fully detailed trait, ability and spell listing
- Defeating Maat; raising your level cap to level 75!
- Ballista information: be the best in PvP
- Merit Point advise for level 75 players
- Read first hand strategies and tips from a successful Red Mage player
- Specially tailored Gil making methods only for Red Mages


Unlock the full potential of your Red Mage! Get this Red Mage guide now and discover the shortest path to hit level 75. Find out how it is possible to go from level 1 to 75 in no more than a week, make an abundance of Gil along the way and walk out of fights with your head held up high!

Get your share of high-end Red Mage knowledge, be it equipment tips from the expert or proven AF and AF2 strategies and never again hide in the shadows. Walk your Red Mage across Vana'diel proudly, starting right now!

All future updates of this guide are included in the initial purchase price you pay. When an update is published, you will receive a notification via e-mail. Just log into your account and download the updated guide completely for free!

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