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Heroes of the Storm Specialist Guide

Heroes of the Storm Specialist Guide
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Heroes of the Storm Specialist Guide


Warriors are great at tanking, assassins are great at dishing out damage, and support heroes are great at healing, but what are specialists good at? They are the most complex and varied role to play, so there is unfortunately no single answer to that question. You've no doubt run into this problem already if you've ever tried playing any of the specialist heroes: you aren't really sure if you're playing to the role's fullest potential.

Have you mastered all the specialists? Can you say for certain that you've truly mastered a single one of them? It's not as easy as looking at the stat boards to see your progress – specialists excel in areas that don't translate well into numbers. Maybe you've already realized this: Specialists are constantly getting tweaked due to how powerful they can be in the right hands.

If you want to unlock your full specialist potential, getting our Heroes of the Storm Specialist Guide is the best investment you can possibly make. The guide is written by Heroes of the Storm pros and is constantly updated to include only the latest and most up to date information and strategies to give players what they need to dominate the ranked lists and propel your team to victory.


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