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Hunt: Showdown Unique Account

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  • Hunt:Showdown Twitch Drops| 83 ITEMS | Anniversary Supply Crate + Reweards! |

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    List of items to receive:

    1. Billy Quest Line

    2. Bloodshot

    3. Malady Poison Bomb

    4. The Infected - Hunter

    5. Hera´s Gift

    6. The Marquis

    7. Alley Cat

    8. The Fifth Tale

    9. Gator Eye

    10. Kill Buyer

    11. Anniversary Supply Crate - X28

    12. Supply Crate - X16

    13. 750x Event Points - X7

    14. Partner Supply Crate - X12

    15. Carnassial Wills

    16. Moondial

    17. Bayou Bowl Supply Crate - X8

    Activation instructions:

    On, log out of your account and log into the purchased twitch account .

    If asks you for a code from the mail, then press remind later or F5 on your keyboard.

    Follow the link click the "Connect" button, then connect your STEAM account.

    Everything is ready, the reward will be available the next time you start the game.

    € 17,40
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