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Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide

If you're tired of grinding to get to the next level and if it seems like it's taking forever to build your Guardian up to full potential, this guide is for you.  Does your game play start seeming to be more like work because you spend so much time making gold?  Wonder why everyone else seems to have prestige gear and you don't?  The Lord of the Rings Online Guardian Guide has the answers you need to take your Guardian to level 60. 

Learn everything you need to know to take your tank from 1-60 quickly, with the best gear per level and the best success in end-game.  Find out how best to make gold along the way, what the optimum gear sets for your play style are, and what strategies will take your Guardian to the top within a week!


This guide features:
- Step-by-step leveling from 1-60 so you can quickly progress through the ranks
- Complete tanking guide so you can master this art that is so crucial to a Guardian's success
- Learn the killer builds for solo, group, and PvP play and how to maximize your Guardian's skills and abilities
- See what the best Guardian gear is, level-by-level, and where you can get it
- Get class quest walk throughs and epic quest information so you can take your Guardian all the way to Moria and beyond
- Discover the Legendary Items available to your Guardian, where to find them, and how to build them for the best advantage
- Get the inside scoop on instances, raids and discover how your Guardian can both shine in battle and come out ahead in the end-game
- While you build your tank, learn where and how to make gold and make it fast with proven gold making strategies

Learn to level from scratch or from any point in your game so you can take your Guardian into the ranks of the elite superbly fast.  The LotRO Guardian Guide includes basic and advanced tanking strategies, gold making tactics, character advancement, and more so your Guardian can become the greatest example of Guardians in Middle Earth. 

Find out how to get through the quest areas, levels, and class quests for the Guardian and make Samwise Gamgee proud to have known you.  Start maximizing your class traits! Get the most out of your legendaries, and craft like a pro.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are included in your purchase today.  As soon as an update is available, you'll be notified and can download it immediately.  This way, you'll always have the latest info for your Guardian!

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