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Lord of the Rings Online Rune-keeper Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Rune-keeper Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Rune-keeper Guide

Tired of seeing everyone else make level 60 before you?  Wondering how to best maximize this new class in LotRO?  The Lord of the Rings Online Rune-keeper Guide will show you how to take your Rune-keeper from 1-60 quickly and have fun along the way! 

Learn about the strategies for playing solo and in groups as both a healer and a damage-dealer.  Find out the builds that will maximize your Rune-keeper's abilities and the Traits that will take your RK to its fullest potential.  Get the PvP, instance, raid, and end-game strategies you need to come out on top and how to do this without worrying about gold and gear.


Highlights of this Rune-keeper Guide include:
- The best leveling zones, level-by-level, for your RK and which quests and quest chains are most beneficial
- In depth with the Rune-keeper's skills, traits, and abilities as well as which sets are best for solo and group play
- Quest walk-throughs on the more difficult class and game quests so you'll have the fastest run through to level 60
- Gear sets and items your RK will not want to be without and when you should get them
- Gold-making tactics that will keep your Rune-keeper in the black and flush so you need not ever again wonder how you'll afford that item or piece of gear
- Get proven PvP, solo, and group strategies for your RK so you can become the deadliest killing machine and the most useful healer in Middle Earth


Read up on the know-how you need in this Rune-keeper handbook so your RK can level quickly, be stronger, and utilize the most powerful skills and traits to its advantage.  Find out, zone-by-zone, what quests you need to complete, strategies for completing the toughest of them, and which deeds you should do so your skills are top notch.

Find out what skills and traits are available to your Rune-keeper, level-by-level, so you can choose those which fit your play-style and make your LotRO game experience the best it can be.  Get gold making strategies, quest walk-throughs, and a hard look at the latest in gear and powers so your RK is the best possible.

Learn how to solo, fellow, and raid with your RK to the fullest.  Find out how to maximize your DPS during group and solo play.  Become the best Minstrel backup in the game, healing your friends fast and powerfully.  Learn to maximize your Attunement so you can become a better damage-dealer or healer as needed, every time! 

Discover the best battle strategies, learn how to gain the most useful skills and traits, and how to play your Rune-keeper to the hilt with the Lord of the Rings Online Rune-keeper Guide.

Free updates: Your purchase of this guide includes free updates!  When a new version of the guide is released, you'll be immediately notified so you can download the latest information and have the most up-to-date Rune-keeper info at your fingertips, all the time.

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