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Luigi's Mansion 2 - 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2 - 3DS
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Luigi's Mansion 2 - Dark Moon - 3DS

Buy Luigis Mansion 2 now!

You will get your download code for the Nintendo 3DS game "Luigi's Mansion 2" very soon by eMail. Using this code, you can download the game in the Nintendo eShop.

To do so, choose the Nintendo eShop in the Home menu of your 3DS, click on "menu", "Settings and more", then "Redeem download code". Here you can enter your code, then click on okay and the download begins.


Note: This is the EU version of the game which will only work within Europe.

Product description

Help Luigi overcome ghastly ghosts, mind-melting puzzles, and his own clumsiness in an all-new spooky adventure. Armed with his trusty Poltergust 5000—a ghost-catching vacuum cleaner—and all the courage of a wet napkin, the green-hatted hero needs your help to battle through five massive mansions full of hidden passages and bone-chilling challenges. Whether you’re charging up the new strobe light to stun a slime-tossing Gobber ghost, revealing illusions with the new Dark Light Device, or reeling in multiple poltergeists with timely button presses, you’ll need to use all of your paranormal survival skills.

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