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  • Arctic Armour (Metamorph Standard PC)
    Arctic Armour
    Active skill gem
    Attribute(s)Dexterity, Intelligence
    KeywordsCold, Spell, Duration
    Mana Reserved0
    Cooldown Time0.5 sec
    Cast time0.5 sec
    Per 1% Quality+0.35% increased Movement Speed
    Summons an icy shield that protects against physical and fire damage. It drains your mana while active and at a faster rate while you are moving. When you have no mana left, the skill turns off. While active, it leaves a trail of ground ice which lasts for a short duration.
    Base Duration is x seconds
    x Mana drained per second
    Additional x Mana drained per second while moving
    -x Physical Damage taken when hit
    -x Fire Damage taken when hit
    Délai de livraison: 5-120 minutes
    € 2,00
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