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Rigwald's Savagery
Rigwald's Savagery
Rigwald's Savagery
Royal Axe
One Handed Axe
Physical Damage: (93–215 to 113–245)
Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Attacks per Second: (1.32 to 1.38)
Requires Level 67, 167 Str, 57 Dex
Adds (50–135 to 70–165) Physical Damage
40% increased Physical Weapon Damage while Dual Wielding
(10 to 15)% increased Attack Speed
35% increased Attack Speed with Swords
Causes Bleeding on Hit
Tear the flesh from the bone.
Turn the bone to dust.
Scatter the dust to the wind.
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Temps d'expédition: 1-12 heures
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