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Berek's Grip
Berek's Grip
Berek's Grip
Two-Stone Ring (sapphire and topaz)
Requires Level 20(12 to 16)% to Cold and Lightning Resistances(10 to 15)% increased Cold Damage
Adds (1–1 to 1–50) Lightning Damage
+(30 to 40) to maximum Life
5% of Damage against Shocked enemies Leeched as Mana
5% of Damage against Frozen enemies Leeched as Life
'Berek hid from Storm's lightning wrath
In the embrace of oblivious Frost
Repelled by ice, blinded by blizzards
Storm raged in vain
while Berek slept.'
- Berek and The Untamed
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Temps d'expédition: 1-12 heures
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