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Cooking Information

Beer-Basted Boar Ribs or Giant Clam Scorcho, no recipe is too odd to avoid notice from the Chefs of Azeroth! Food is used in World of Warcraft to heal players out of combat. Besides, special cooked food gives player more damage, better healing oder more resistance.

Many animal-like monsters drop meat after being killed. This raw meat can be consumed and merchants pay fair prices for it, but the meat is also a good basic element for many cooking recipes.

There are many merchants in WoW who sell food, but food which is made by players is practically for free and even more effective.

With our WoW Powerleveling for the profession Cooking, we offer you a comfortable and simple way to get your ingame profession to the level of your choice.

At MMOGA you can get the following WoW Profession Leveling products for the profession Cooking:
- Cooking from 1 to 225
- Cooking from 225 to 300
- Cooking from 300 to 375
- Cooking from 375 to 450
- Cooking from 1 to 450