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Enchanting Information


Enchanters use their magical formulae in WoW to grant permanent augmentations to weapons, armor and other equipment. Enchanting requires special ingredients that can only be gathered by disenchanting magical items. Using these ingredients, enchanters can make other items more powerful.


Enchanters use their skills to add permanent augmentations to armor and other items. There are various possibilities to improve an item, like adding more will, endurance, damage, resistances and much more.

The profession Enchanting is difficult and gold and time consuming. Despite the obviously high obstacles and the enormous efforts it is absolutely worthwhile to learn Enchanting because some of the best enchantments are exclusive to the Enchanters.

With our WoW Powerleveling for the profession Enchanting, we offer you a comfortable and simple way to get your ingame profession to the level of your choice.

At MMOGA you can get the following WoW Profession Leveling products for the profession Enchanting:
- Enchanting from 1 to 225
- Enchanting from 225 to 300
- Enchanting from 300 to 375
- Enchanting from 375 to 450
- Enchanting from 1 to 450